Author - codeffa13

Of Loss and Honor

Each year in May fallen police officers from around the country are honored for the sacrifice they made and the ultimate price they paid, all in the name of serving and protecting their fellow citizens. The National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial, which was established in Washington, D.C. and dedicated […]

Racism Against Latinos, Hispanics Ugly Sign of the Times in 1960s America

By the time the federal government completed its “Operation Wetback” program in the 1950s, more than 3.8 people of Mexican descent were sent to Mexico — many of them American citizens.

It was exactly that kind of discrimination and civil rights abuse that led Hispanic and Latino activists to organize, […]

Ever Heard of CLEAT?

Ever heard of CLEAT? In 1966, neither had Ramiro Martinez nor Houston McCoy – because it didn’t exist.

Oftentimes when we hear the expression, “That’s a thing of the past,” the connotation attached to the “thing” in question is not particularly positive.

But I’d wager that when it comes to CLEAT […]